8 years have passed, and you’re still tapping on my window

I was drawing John Lennon when you shook my desk.

That’s how we clicked. 8 years ago.

8 years have passed. But you’re still in my dreams.

But believe me.

I didn’t like you. Or maybe i did? I don’t know.

I know there’s no chance that we will meet again.

And it’s okay.

I don’t like you.

This is just me, missing you. Your smiles, your stares, your pranks, your notebook, your pen, your chair, your hair, your jawline, your voice, your silly jokes, your weird theories, your twisted logics, our ridiculous secrets, our everything actually. Your everything.

I know there was something. Something special. But 4 years have passed and i still do not know why did we not make it.

You said “someday we might dance, when i’m closer to your height.”

But months have passed since you said it, you had been hella taller than me. Still we didn’t dance.

It’s so weird. You know, having that one person you knew there was something going on between you two.


But neither of us said anything really. We just kinda coexisted in a strange lowkey flirty way. Nothing ever actually physically happened or was verbally expressed.

Four years ago, last day of highschool, still, we never got closure. We just smirked at each other like ‘woah you meant so much to me in the oddest way and i don’t know what to feel about that, so, goodbye?’

Pretty odd.

But then again, it’s okay.

I didn’t like you. Or so i thought?

Ugh. Nevermind. I still don’t.

I’m just writing this because you made me. I mean, you’re in my dreams, man. You made me remember you.


you’re welcome. Always welcome here.

Go on. Keep visiting my brain.


knock knock.

can i visit you, too?

About the Author

Yjah started writing short stories when she was 13 summers old. Yjah does not only write in her diary, she also writes novels. She is actually just a bunch of butterflies wearing a dress. Visit her writings on instagram: @dreaming_yjah and blog site: yjahwrites.wordpress.com

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