6 Ways to Make Money from Your Blog

Many bloggers dream to make money from their blogs. Some quit their 9 to 5 in the hope that their posts lead to sustainable income. On the other hand, some just dip their toes in the water and consider blogging more of a hobby. Either way, everyone wants to know, is it really possible to earn good money by blogging? How can I cash in? Let’s talk about the various ways you can make a profit with your blog.

Earn from CPC or CPM  Ads

Putting CPC or CPM ads on their website is one of the ways people monetize their blogs. Two of the usual ways:

  • Cost Per Click (CPC) Ads – the publisher or blog owner receives payment for every click an ad gets.
  • Cost Per 1000  (CPM) – the blog owner gets money for every 1,000 views. “M” represents the Roman symbol for one thousand.

Some notable CPC or CPM Ads are  Google Adsense, Infolinks, Chitika and Media.net.

Place Private Ads

Another option to make money from your blog is to sell private ad spaces to brands. When you have good site traffic, advertiser may contact you to have their ads placed on your blog. You could also set aside some space on your blog for interested advertisers. The two biggest advantages of selling private are (1) no go-between needed (2) you could set your own price for the ads allocated.

Publish Sponsored Posts

A blogger can  also charge for posts that are to be published on his or her blog. This post maybe pre-written by an advertiser or by the blogger himself. The blogger can base his rate of several factors such as unique monthly visits, social media following and the credibility as an influencer. These days, even tweets or Instagram posts or Youtube videos may be sponsored by a brand.

Run Events

Another popular way to make money blogging is to organize events. These gatherings that may range from intimate meet-ups to big conferences. Bloggers can earn either by charging participants to the event or by brand sponsorship.


Affiliate Links

One of the common ways bloggers monetize their blogs is through affiliate links. Simply put, you get commission when a customer buys merchandise from a company that you are affiliated with. For instance, you reviewed a toy and placed an affiliate link at the end of your post. If a potential customer reads your review, clicks a link on your post and ends up buying the toy, you get commission.

Many bloggers are attracted to using affiliate links because a lot of companies offer free affiliate programs. Bloggers just need to sign up, understand the earning scheme and place the links in their posts. This is an effective way to make money if your audience is truly engaged and hold your recommendations in high regard.

 Offering Services or Products

You could also use your blog to provide services or sell products. For instance, you could promote your copywriting, freelance writing or designing services on your blog and get clients from your readers. Meanwhile, other bloggers sell virtual (e.g. e-books) or physical products (e.g. books) on their blogs.


These are the common ways bloggers make money blogging. Some use a combination of methods to maximize their blog’s earning potential. The key factors in making money from your blog are website traffic and content. You need good traffic and useful content to build an engaged audience who would be eager to help you attain your dream of earning good money from your blog.



About the Author

Madz is a stay at home mom who blogs at www.mommynmore.com. She loves making DIY projects and crocheting stuff for her daughter. She’s worn many hats but writing has always been her passion.

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