Five (5) Stylish DIY Bloggers To Follow

When you search “DIY Bloggers”, Google will give you tons of links of bloggers from all over the world. A lot of bloggers dedicate their websites to Do-It-Yourself projects but not everyone features DIYs which do not break your bank. Here are 5 stylish DIY Bloggers who feature crafts using materials easily available in the comforts of your home.


  1. A Beautiful Mess

When two creative sisters venture into blogging, the combination creates a beautiful mess. This is a blog of 2 sisters, Emma and Elsie. These DIY Bloggers started in 2007. Presently, 16 bright individuals maintain the website. Their blog is not limited to craft projects though. They also share recipes, beauty tutorials, and fashion makeover stories in their blog.



My favourite post: Turn Your Old Book Into A New Purse


  1. Almost Makes Perfect

Nobody is perfect but Molly’s blog almost is. From accessories to DIY gifts, this freelance designer and editor has everything in store. Most of her craft projects are so easy that even kids can do them. She also has a lot of printables for free.

My favourite post: DIY Photo Recipe Cards


  1. Lovely Indeed

Anything DIY is truly lovely and Chelsea’s blog absolutely captured the remarkable aspect of creating DIY projects. Her blog began in 2010 simply as a form to organize  various DIY crafts for her wedding. Today, Lovely Indeed is a creative lifestyle blog which does not only focus on DIYs but also features travel, workshops, and brands. Better Homes and Garden and Huffington Post are just some media outlets which featured Lovely Indeed.

My favourite post: Golden Irish Mule Cocktail For St. Patrick’s Day


  1. I Heart Organizing

DIY Bloggers often tackle one common subject, organizing. Jennifer Jones, a stay-at-home mom, took organizing to the next level with loads of arranging, labeling, and cleaning tips. Her blog, I Heart Organizing can help anyone make a place neat and clean.

My favourite post: You Asked: Organizing Cords


  1. A Pair & A Spare

A Pair & A Spare is no ordinary DIY blog. Geneva Vanderzeil, the creative behind all things amazing in this website, is a published author. She published one of the best selling Do-It-Yourself book entitled DIY Fashionista. She also writes for Harper’s BAZAAR and Vogue.

My favourite post: DIY Record Clutch


What are you waiting for? Go and check out these DIY Bloggers and start your craft projects now.


About the Author

Mirriam Ebreo is a legal researcher, a blogger, and an adopted Targaryen. Mirriam makes good use of her two degrees, BS Development Communication and Juris Doctor, with her kick ass hobby and job. When she’s not in front of the computer, she’s probably out gulping caffeine, reading a book, or walking on fire. Ok, maybe, not walking on fire. She can’t do that; she’s adopted. Do check out her blog: to know more of her adventures.”

12 thoughts on “Five (5) Stylish DIY Bloggers To Follow”

  1. Their as if you go through my head! You appear to find out a lot about this, including a person composed the actual guidebook in it something like that. Personally i think which you may use some s.h. to energy the message property a little bit, even so besides that, this can be oudtianstng weblog. A fantastic examine. We?lmost all certainly come back.

  2. Not really artsy here but love to try diy stuff! Thank you for lettinh us know of these DIY bloggers. I am curious about I Heart Organizing blog. I must admit my husband is more organized than I am lol. So hoping this blog would help.

  3. Adopted Targaryen! But anyway, this is really something interesting. I usually DIY the stuff around me because it’s more fun to do than just buying what you need. Well, I resort to buying the actual object if things don’t work out for me. I do it after attempting all processes and way by DIY. Hahaha.

  4. I need more organisation in my life and I would probably use some help from Jennifer Jones’s blog. My house would definitely benefit from it. And I would also do with some lessons on how to give a new life to old objects, to give my house a new look. Thank you for these suggestions of great blogs to read.

  5. Wow, the five of them are really interesting as they own a different craft. I think I truly agree with you that they’re a lot of DIY bloggers found in google when you search them and only few can truly stand out. Anyway, I’ll surely check the five of them as I really find them awesome. Thank you so much for sharing about them

  6. Thanks for introducing them to us. I love such DIY kind of art work and food.
    They make best use of resources at home. No need to hanker after expensive market goods.

  7. Love this compilation! All the blogs you mentioned are truly worth following. Hopping to their sites right now, I especially love I Heart Organizing! <3

  8. I like to DIY stuff also. I sometimes blog about these projects. DIY parties usually make my heart race. 😉 I love planning for these parties and enjoy making the details stand out.

  9. There are a lot of bloggers today and each has their own uniqueness. I have been in hiatus checking for artsy bloggers and I can say, I’ll really take a look at these recommendations you have here. Pretty sure I would be learning new DIYs. Hoping to be able to feature one of it on my blog too!

  10. Wow I like that you make it easy for us. Instead of googling we can just use your blog post to see which bloggers to follow.
    I don’t do a lot myself. But I am thinking to get more inspiration by DIY bloggers so that I can start to do thing myself different.

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