Ang Mga Munting Pangarap ni Romeo…

  1. “Palinis kayo ng chiminea!” I don’t know if this word’s means anything to you but for me it means my childhood. Back then when most of the Japanese animations shown on TV are mostly light and focused more on values. Don’t get me wrong I still watch anime until now and I still love watching them even the new ones but compared to the ones I watch when I was a kid I say the oldies has more story and heart.

There is a lot of good anime’s in the 90’s that we can talk about but for this article I want to focus on “Romeo’s Blue Skies” a.k.a  “Mga Munting Pangarap ni Romeohere in the Philippines.

Romeo’s Blue Skies is known as “Romio no aoi sora” in Japan. Here in the Philippines it was dubbed as “Mga Munting Pangarap ni Romeo”. The story is based on the novel Die schwarzen Brüder written by Lisa Tetzner back in 1941 in Switzerland.

This is a story of a boy who lives in small mountain village in Swiss Alps. He was living a simple and happy life until his father got sick. Because of the unfortunate events that happened to his family’s life, He decided to sell himself to a guy known as “Salot” in the Filipino translation. I believe he is known as Shinigami (God of Death) in the Japanese version. (Please bear with me because I have forgotten most of the names used in the tagalong version except for the lead roles.)

He was taken to Milan and sold him to work as a chimney cleaner. He was sold to a family where he was overworked and treated like slave. He even gets punished for some wrong doings done by their own child. This is also where he met Anghelita who is kind, shy and beautiful girl. She became Romeo’s confidant and good friend but he eventually learned that Anghelita is sick. He also met a kind and intelligent young boy named Alfred. Alfred became is best friend and together they formed an alliance of Chimney Cleaners whom they named as “Itim na magkakapatid” (Black borthers).

In the course of the story Romeo will find out that Alfred is actually a royal blood. He helped Alfred save Bianca, Alfred’s sister from their greedy Aunt and uncle. After saving Bianca Romeo found out that Alfred is actually sick and may not live long enough to protect his sister so he asked Romeo to take good care of his sister before he died. To be honest, Alfred’s death is the saddest part of the story, at least for me.

I actually cried watching it. At a young age I felt his lost. He lost a friend who was like a brother for him. Alfred protected him, taught him, laughed with him, cried with him and dreamed with him. It was shattering. I remember my mom asking why I was crying that time but the emotion is just that heavy I got affected. I am so tempted to tell you the whole story but I think it would be best for you to watch it.

I recommend you do. I would recommend this anime to the younger generations as this Anime taught me friendship and courage. You should watch more of these. And if you are a parent and you are looking for something to help you teach values to your kids. I recommend you find this Anime. I am actually looking for the tagalized version for my kid so I can have her watch this when she is old enough but so far I was not able to find one. I only see Japanese with English subtitle. In case you find the tagalized version or an English version please share it with me.

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