14 Amazingly Creative Ways to Say I Love You

Valentine’s day is just around the corner. Couples everywhere are either everywhere planning for a romantic Vdate or hunting for the perfect gift. But if you’re not in the mood to brave the heavy traffic and packed restaurants on that day, here are other ways you can express your love and affection to your special someone.

1. Cook his favorite dish.

They say cooking is love made visible. So, on the day of hearts surprise your sweetheart with a sumptuous meal with his best loved steak or pasta. If cooking isn’t really your cup of tea, perhaps you could make him his choice dessert.

2. Leave Love Notes 

You could write a simple love note and place it somewhere he or she will definitely see like the bathroom mirror, car dashboard or the refrigerator. You could even make it a bit more exciting and hide them in your room.  When he finds them all, you’d give him his Valentine gift.

If you can’t find the right words, you might want to try using these printable love notes.

3. Record a love message on his smartphone.

When he’s asleep, you can just record a heartfelt thank you for all his effort or compliment him or just greet him happy Valentines. You might want to leave him a note or hints though so your efforts won’t be in vain.

4.  Surprise him with a text , a call or even a visit at work.

Since Valentines falls on a weekday, it would be a great idea to do something out of the ordinary like suddenly phoning or sending him a text. You could also “kidnap” him for lunch or his break for a quick bite. Isn’t it romantic?

5.  Give him something sweet

Make Valentines extra sweet by covering his favorite chocolate bar with these gorgeous chocolate bar wrappers you could print at home. After dinner, could share one or two with some vino and just enjoy the evening.


6. Put your talent to good use.


Sing, dance or paint for love. Why not? He would either feel loved or be amused. Either way, love wins.

7.Stroll down memory lane (literally).

You could visit places that mean a lot to you such as where you had your first date, honeymoon or even the church where you got married. Going to these significant spots can stir those “kilig” moments of your relationship.

8. Use love coupons.

Love coupons are a fun and inexpensive way to spice things up in your relationship. A love coupon entitles your sweetheart to something good like a massage or a free pass from doing the dishes.



9. Make him a DIY Valentine gift.

Someone once said, “small things become great when done with love”. He’d surely appreciate the time and effort you’d put into something handmade. Since your honey has been such a wonderful partner, perhaps you could make him this “You’re dynamite” Valentine craft. Just stuff it up with notes, candy or his favorite things and it’s good to go! Best of all, it’s not expensive to put together.

10. Have a search and find date.

You could buy or make meaningful gifts then hide them somewhere. You could buy the watch he’s been eyeing, the latest book he wants to have and a box of his favorite chocolates. You could hide them in your living room or even in his car. Again, please don’t leave him clueless.

11. Have a movie marathon of your favorite films together.

If you are both couch potatoes, this is something you could do for V-day. There’s something about kicking it back and watching movies that makes you remember the days when you were starting out as a couple. Ah, young love is the sweetest.

12. Come up with a candy bar cart.

Love is sweeter with candy. You could style display some appetizing cookies, candies, wine and red flowers on a cart to give it a Valentine feel.

13. Try origami

These delightful tiny folded heart envelopes would definitely make your loved one smile. You could even make it for your kids or help them make it for daddy.

14. Do something he likes to do for the day.

Love is about someone else’s happiness. You could make it a Valentine tradition and alternate it yearly if you like. If he wants to just hang out at home, let it be. Then next year, you’d be off to a romantic cruise with him. Yes, a woman can dream.

So, there you have it. We hope you got some ideas to show him some love this Valentines. But as always, nothing beats saying those three little words to him with as much love and sincerity as the first time you realized he’s the right one for you.

About the Author

Madz is a stay at home mom who blogs at www.mommynmore.com. She loves making DIY projects and crocheting stuff for her daughter. She’s worn many hats but writing has always been her passion.

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